Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stussy Deluxe Peacoat

I know it's too early to shop for winter clothes, but I always keep an eye out for winter jackets because good ones are hard to come by. I was having a look at the new collection at Revolve Clothing and came across this peacoat from Stussy Deluxe. Stussy is not usually my style, and I was not even aware they had a high-end 'Deluxe' line until I saw this. After seeing this peacoat I had a look at their website, and the 'Deluxe' line looks very good. Most of the pieces are well-tailored basics in muted shades. There is none of the in-your-face branding Stussy is famous for. I like this peacoat because it is warm and has a silhouette that is neither too narrow nor too wide. I think it would be a good option for everyday wear.

Revolve Clothing (I have used their photo) retails it for $550.

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