Saturday, January 2, 2010


Two days ago I stayed up till 1am to harvest my crops on Farmville. I had to wake up at 7am the next morning because my relatives had arranged a picnic to the Maroondah dam. I was sleepy during the trip, and one of my older cousins asked me what I was doing staying up so late at night.
'It's embarrassing. I was playing this game on Facebook called Farmville.'
'Do you know why I left your house early yesterday?' she asked me and I said no.
'Because I had to harvest my crops on Farmville.'

For those of you who have no idea what Farmville is, it's a game on Facebook where you create your own virtual farm, plant crops and use the money you make by selling them to expand your farm. I thought it'd be really boring when I started playing it, but now, I'm absolutely addicted to it. I can't wait to own farmhouses and manors and other cool things my neighbours on Farmville have!

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